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hermionesviolin: an image of Alyson Hannigan (who plays Willow Rosenberg) with animated text "you think you know / what you are / what's to come / you haven't even / BEGUN" (you think you know...)

burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness

when faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them

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Name:Elizabeth (the delinquent, ecumenical)
4/4/17 -- finally switched over to DW (thanks gross new Russian LJ User Agreement) after just over 15 years on LJ

In those 15 years, I've fallen away from active fannish involvement, gotten a lot busier (hence posting a lot less), and gotten a lot more radical left in my politics.

I'm mostly reading nonfiction these days, and am mostly over stuff by and about white dudes.

I came of age in Buffy fandom, and that will probably always be the fandom of my heart, despite my souring on Joss later.

I got sucked into MCU and 2017 might be the year for DCU (Wonder Woman and Aquaman). I'm not especially wired for reading comics. I'm enjoying the over-the-top nature of Riverdale and (at least initially) its prioritization of female friendships. I've started seeing movies in theatres more often starting late last summer, thanks largely to the quirky offerings at one local cinema.

Current projects:
* what the Christian tradition has to offer folks living with severe, chronic depression
* picture books to purchase for my nibling

Demographics: queer, female, white, 30-something, cisgender, middle-class, college-educated, able-bodied, neurotypical, Boston-area, Christian (Protestant, UCC)

Interests (29):

bike commuting, building the radical queer church of my heart, cards against humanity: bible edition, cards against humanity: my workplace edition, christianity, citing your sources, comfortable physical affection, dresses/skirts with pockets, ethical consumption, feminist sci-fi book club, getting better at selfies, getting enough sleep, having a plan, honesty, hugs, inclusive/expansive language, indoor rock wall climbing, institutional memory, judaism, porn, problematizing everything, public transit, queering the text, researching everything, sex worker rights, tellings and retellings, text study, themed music mixes, universal basic income
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