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I saw the preview before Captain America: The Winter Soldier and thought it seemed ridiculous and fluffy and I had zero interest in watching it (also: if they're going to start a whole new non-Avengers franchise, they can do one that includes a talking ~raccoon but not one that's led by a woman or a PoC?) -- but my Internet is in MCU fandom, so I used it to cash in my annual "dinner and a movie" birthday gift from Jeff B.

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(I really need to acquire myself some MCU icons, don't I?)


Ari drove us to TBC on Thursday, and I was gonna maybe make hir drive us to the nearest movie theatre (~10mi away in Enfield) to watch Cap2 that night, but we were both exhausted and ze was getting sick.

I took Monday off from work to recover from TBC, so while Ari was at ANTS I biked to Alewife to catch a matinee (there was no online ticketing, so I was guessing I could just show up, and yeah... when I initially walked into the theatre I thought I was literally the only person there -- I wasn't, but there only ended up being like 6 people total).

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I thought Thor 2 opened tonight and learned well after I had already committed to other plans for last night that no, there were normal-time (i.e., not a midnight opener) showings last night. 10pm in Burlington also garnered the "it's a school night" reaction from me -- though admittedly I ended up staying out nearly as late last night as that would have kept me.

Anyway. 7:15pm showing at the Capitol in Arlington -- which is apparently only showing in 3D, but hey, $12 is still only about what I would have paid for a regular price at e.g. AMC Loews Boston Common. And I know from Brave that current 3D in movies doesn't bother me.


I also knew from the Internet that this meant I got a Cap 2 featurette. I hadn't realized that was INSTEAD OF any other movie previews, which was pretty grate.

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And I stayed for both post-credits scenes as instructed by the Internet.
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... That was not the movie I was expecting. (Admittedly, basically all my prep for the movie was [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's Tumblr.)

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Iron Man 2

Apr. 21st, 2012 04:41 pm
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I saw the first Iron Man movie in theatres twice, but I never got around to seeing the second one -- but [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's Tumblr is sucking me in to planning to see the Avengers movie, so... I borrowed Iron Man 2 on DVD from CPL today.


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Iron Man wasn't a movie I felt a need to see a second time, but I was interested in a second viewing enough to agree when Allie and Kate suggested it. (You can read my initial writeup here.)

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