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Former-coworker-Michael's parting gift to me last August was a 2x3ft dry-erase board to live in front of my desk at work (to cover up the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" sign my coworkers had so kindly put up, which I was starting to get sass about having left up for over a month). Coworker-Holly had been changing the poll every week, but she left the end of May. Mallory changed it once after that but then left for a new job. Holly will be back the last week of June to train her replacement, but in the meantime I made a new poll question -- and was really bummed at how little I could actually fit on the board (I guess maybe I should have written smaller?)? [Wiki links included in this online poll for your educational convenience.]

Poll #18487 female superheroes
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 9

Now that we finally got a Wonder Woman movie, who should get the next female-led superhero movie?

Black Widow
4 (44.4%)

2 (22.2%)

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
2 (22.2%)

X-23 (Laura Kinney) the Wolverine clone
2 (22.2%)

Wasp (Janet van Dyne or Hope van Dyne)
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

1 (11.1%)

0 (0.0%)

1 (11.1%)

Ironheart (Riri Williams) the 15-year-old Black girl Iron Man
2 (22.2%)

ALL OF THEM (literally all of the women)
5 (55.6%)

Other - nominate your faves
1 (11.1%)

Captain Marvel (coming 2019)
1 (11.1%)

Kitty Pryde
2 (22.2%)

This afternoon, my boss stopped by and commented that he liked the poll and would have to think about it (I said he could pick more than one) and he didn't know who all of them were.

B: "I don't know who Spider-Gwen is."
me: "Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy gets spider superpowers in one iteration, and giving that we've gotten a ton of Spider-Man movies, I figured we should get a Spider Girl movie."
me: [does not say: "I shouldn't say Spider-Girl, because that's a different character -- who I also considered including. And maybe I should have included her instead because there are no Latina superheroines on this list..." (I was thinking of Anya Corazon, because [personal profile] musesfool, though Wiki informs me that apparently that's not the main Spider-Girl.) Okay, Logan-verse Laura is probably Mexican.]

B: "Is Ironheart a real thing, or did you make that up?"
me: "Really a real thing. Invented ... last year, I think? So very new. Initially it was just 'black girl Iron Man,' and they hadn't decided on a name for her, but then they decided on Ironheart."

B: "So Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are different?"
me: "Yes, Ms. Marvel is Pakistani-American and has a very popular comic book series running currently. Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, is getting a Marvel movie in a couple years."
me: [doesn't explain that Carol Danvers used to be Ms. Marvel and that there are other people, like Monica Rambeau, who have held the Captain Marvel title, and I seriously considered including Monica because Black woman superhero -- but there is only so much room on this board.]

B: "I picked Batgirl. I love Batman, and I think we need a Batwoman."
me: "Excellent."
me: [does not say: "There actually is a Batwoman, that's Kate Kane. I considered listing her, especially because she's a lesbian, but I would really be into an Oracle movie 'cause she's a brilliant superhero and also a wheelchair user, and having both Batgirl and Batwoman seemed excessively confusing for lay participants." And while I was writing this, I remembered that if we're doing Oracle, we maybe get Birds of Prey."]
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Follow-up to "the fuckup that ruined Saturday"...

B was just in front of my desk and said, "I don't think you were in the room when I said it yesterday" [it occurs to me that he was probably referring to the recruiting "decision" meeting yesterday -- which I stole food from but did not volunteer to stay and takes minutes for ... though obv. I would have gladly done so if asked] "but I thought you did a really good job with Recruiting this year. There were a lot of things that could have slipped through the cracks -- and only one did."

I laughed and said that I feel like what I remember are all the little things that went wrong -- not that that was a little thing, but all the little things where I should have been more on top of things than I was -- and so I was glad that his impression was on the whole positive.

He said that that was a big important learning for next time because we absolutely need to have them*, "that's the game," but ... something like he wasn't stupid enough to think that that one thing was representative of my performance throughout this whole process.

*them = the materials we didn't have that Saturday


Jan. 26th, 2009 10:49 pm
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One of my friends recently complained that I quote back passages in emails rather than just paraphrasing.  It's not even always in the context of arguing -- it's often just in the context of clarifying, of "you said (that someone else said) such-and-such ... which doesn't seem to match what you're telling me now."

My instinct is that it's far more precise to quote than to paraphrase (I am forever pulling up emails, etc. when on the phone to Ari telling stories to her).  My friend said it feels like having a conversation with themselves rather than with me, which I can see -- though I have a strong desire to be understood as well as to understand, so I would want to have the opportunity to clarify someone's understanding of what I said, and knowing exactly what it is that I said that they're reacting to seems the most efficient way to do that.

I'm open to disagreement, though.  Does verbatim quoting-back imply SRS BSNS disagreement and thus come across as really off-putting in casual emailing?  Given my particular history with this particular person, I can point to a number of negative associations that my quoting-back-at-you could trigger, but I just assume that most of the folks I interact with intuitively understand this default mode.


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Prof.B had Joe Navarro as an invited guest today and yesterday.

At like 10:30, Prof.B. says to me, "Do you want to see an interrogation?"  Sure.  And then of course I was interested in the debrief.  And then we moved to lunch.  (I was expecting Spangler, but we went to the Faculty Commons, so I ate lunch on the department dime -- though as economists will tell you, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and my opportunity cost was actually high 'cause I'd been excited about Spangler pasta and the FacCommons has classy food which tasteless me is less a fan of.  And at one point I actually got to contribute -- I brought up the "negotiating from a position of weakness" section of Max and Deepak's book.)  I got back to my desk around 2:00.

Nicole was wearing her "Elitists for Obama" t-shirt.  I love that it looks like a very down-to-earth college t-shirt.


Nicole got put on the spot to be the interrogatee. Someone was joking that actually this was a ruse and they were gonna interrogate me. I said, No, I still work for Prof.B., so the power dynamics are different, because if he gets on my bad side I can ruin his life. Nicole said, "I love that your sense of the power dynamics is: He can't get you too upset with him."

In the aforementioned "negotiating from a position of weakness" conversation, someone mentioned Gandhi, and someone mentioned that he had the power of the world media, and Navarro mentioned that Gandhi was trained as an attorney, which I had forgotten about.

Navarro talked about how you can change the power dynamics just by standing up. I was thinking later about how often I'll stand up when I'm at my desk and people come to talk to me, how I'll stay standing when I'm in B's office, and wondering how much that was subconscious.



I got dinner at Mr. Crepe.  Super Avocado Crepe = v. yummy (though I wasn't clear that there was actual avocado in it).  The chai latte, however, was really weak/watery -- which problem I also had the last time I ordered a hot chocolate there.  Sigh.  (The chai latte also had a huge amount of bleh foam.)

After dinner I was craving chocolate, so I went to CVS.  Where they still had half-price Halloween candy.  (Though srsly, candy makers?  I already knew about Chocolate Skittles, but your newest Hershey's Kisses concoction is candy corn?)


I went to econ class tonight for the first time in like a month instead of finishing reading Abington vs. Schempp for tomorrow's class.

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When FUH was leaving for the day, he said, "Have fun tonight."
I laughed and said I was going to grab dinner, go to class, check the internet when I got home at like 10:30, and then go to bed.
He said, "Maybe it'll be decided by 10:30."
I said, "But the polls on the West Coast will barely have even closed at that point, so you'l just have the really inaccurate exit polls."
He said, "But if he wins Pennsylvania and Ohio..."
I was like, oh yeah, although there are some western states in play this election, all the big swing states are on the East Coast.

We got out of class about 9:15, and a woman in my class said, "Sununu lost New Hampshire."  I was unclear as to whether she'd been getting text message updates or what ('cause class starts at 7:35, and not all the NH polls are even closed yet at that point).

kurukami linked to a nice map of the United States, color-coded by poll closing times (calibrated to Eastern Time).

I enjoyed the flurry of flist posts this morning about the midnight NH voting.

(via friendsfriends) an explanation of why America still uses the electoral process.

[Lexington] Two cheers for American democracy: A good way to pick a president [Oct 30th 2008. From The Economist print edition]


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