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Tom S. from church posted a link to "VALERIAN Is The Movie Summer Cinema Needs, But Not The Movie It Wants" and I emailed coworkers saying I wasn't sure if that article made me wanna see the movie or not.

Charlotte expressed interest in going.

Then I saw someone RT "wow. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is the worst movie I've seen in a long time. and not in the fun trashy way."

The OP continued in that thread:
  • I came away wanting to punch the screenwriter, and also Dane Dehaan's character's smug sexual harassing creepy eyed face.
  • It's ... not good. In any way, except the visuals. And the main character is AWFUL.
  • I am very sad! I wanted glorious space trash! But all I got was trash. Woe.
I went ahead with my plans with Charlotte tonight, and it was definitely not as bad as I was expecting.

Valerian definitely doesn't deserve his hero/romance arc [and honestly, the movie did not need the romance plotline at all, especially since the 2 of them have basically no chemistry -- they're partners, and yes she's always running after him to save him, but not in any way that made me feel like they should be more than partners ... and I am often a sucker for competent woman & kind of douchey guy, see Pepper/Tony, Donna/Josh, possibly some of my own life, etc.], but Laureline is gr8 (the comic series is called "Valerian and Laureline," I learned in the end credits, and I dislike that Valerian got solo billing in the movie title -- they are definitely partners, and it genuinely feels like it's equally their story).

It's not super campy fun in the way that Jupiter Ascending is, but a lot of it is fun. A lot of the world-building is very hand-wavy, but I was willing to roll with that. And yeah, the dialogue is not this film's strong suit -- the visuals of the world-building are definitely its strongest suit. A lot of the plot is clear to the viewer early on, but not in a way that bothered me -- and sometimes the film even surprised me. major spoilers )
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Jupiter Ascending was everything the Internet promised me it would be AND! BONUS! the villain is capitalism.

so on my way home I was saying Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism )
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So, I finally saw Get Out. So good! And now I understand why people didn't wanna say anything about what happens in the film other than the very basic premise.
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I haven't watched any X-movies since the initial trilogy (in part because I'm not great at actually getting out to see movies -- and also because Michael Fassbender [young!Magneto] is an abuser, and Days of Future Past starred Wolverine instead of Jewish woman Kitty Pryde like the comics arc did).

But X-23 Laura Kinney is not your weapon! I have read none of her comics, but have a fondness for her thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fox1013's Tumblr.

[livejournal.com profile] musesfool had posted: "Logan is getting really good reviews! Comparisons to Unforgiven have been made! Apparently it lives up to the trailers."

Coworker-Mallory hated it because it was way too violent for her, but I really didn't mind the violence. I tend to not do well with on-screen violence because I wince seeing physical pain onscreen, but this felt more cartoonish -- yes, we stabbed people in the head with adamantium claws and decapitated people, but we rarely dwelt on anyone's pain, and almost everyone who died was a bad guy we were in no way rooting for.

Some thoughts:

spoilers )
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I saw the preview before Captain America: The Winter Soldier and thought it seemed ridiculous and fluffy and I had zero interest in watching it (also: if they're going to start a whole new non-Avengers franchise, they can do one that includes a talking ~raccoon but not one that's led by a woman or a PoC?) -- but my Internet is in MCU fandom, so I used it to cash in my annual "dinner and a movie" birthday gift from Jeff B.

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(I really need to acquire myself some MCU icons, don't I?)


Ari drove us to TBC on Thursday, and I was gonna maybe make hir drive us to the nearest movie theatre (~10mi away in Enfield) to watch Cap2 that night, but we were both exhausted and ze was getting sick.

I took Monday off from work to recover from TBC, so while Ari was at ANTS I biked to Alewife to catch a matinee (there was no online ticketing, so I was guessing I could just show up, and yeah... when I initially walked into the theatre I thought I was literally the only person there -- I wasn't, but there only ended up being like 6 people total).

preliminary thoughts -- spoilers for the move and some for the Agents of SHIELD tv show )
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I thought Thor 2 opened tonight and learned well after I had already committed to other plans for last night that no, there were normal-time (i.e., not a midnight opener) showings last night. 10pm in Burlington also garnered the "it's a school night" reaction from me -- though admittedly I ended up staying out nearly as late last night as that would have kept me.

Anyway. 7:15pm showing at the Capitol in Arlington -- which is apparently only showing in 3D, but hey, $12 is still only about what I would have paid for a regular price at e.g. AMC Loews Boston Common. And I know from Brave that current 3D in movies doesn't bother me.


I also knew from the Internet that this meant I got a Cap 2 featurette. I hadn't realized that was INSTEAD OF any other movie previews, which was pretty grate.

Cap 2 featurette )


Thor 2 )

And I stayed for both post-credits scenes as instructed by the Internet.
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(We saw the 3D version because that was the showing that worked for our schedules. The screen told us to put on our glasses but then a trailer started. Midway through the trailer -- for The Hobbit -- I put on the glasses and oh, right. Hi, [livejournal.com profile] glass_moment.)

spoilers )

I want that "Touch the Sky" song.
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Predicted high of 87F today. I showered and put on a house dress and didn't really leave the house (I'd seen the weather forecast in advance, so I'd kind of planned not to go anywhere). Though I didn't feel like I needed to seal up the house -- for which I was grateful.


"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-[livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl [more info]

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares YHWH, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

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... That was not the movie I was expecting. (Admittedly, basically all my prep for the movie was [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's Tumblr.)

spoilers )

Iron Man 2

Apr. 21st, 2012 04:41 pm
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I saw the first Iron Man movie in theatres twice, but I never got around to seeing the second one -- but [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's Tumblr is sucking me in to planning to see the Avengers movie, so... I borrowed Iron Man 2 on DVD from CPL today.


spoilers )
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"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-[livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl [more info]

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares YHWH, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

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A friend had a retro sleepover this holiday weekend. We watched Real Genius ([livejournal.com profile] carlyinrome, as soon as it was mentioned that this movie contains young!ValKilmer, I thought of you) and Labyrinth and played Never Have I Ever. I was expecting everyone to play R+ rated, so I was surprised to actually have fingers down -- though of course one of the challenges of the game is that your brain keeps coming up with things you HAVE done, and given this crowd it would have been even harder to come up with R+ rated things that one HADN'T done.

I have:
* been to Europe
* been to the West Coast [of the USA]
* eaten a grilled cheese sandwich
* consumed illegal substances (this was stated to include imbibing alcohol underage)
* been drunk

I feel certain that when I "won" I had 4/10 fingers left, but I can't remember what the 6th thing I had done was.

I was like, "Raise your hand if you're surprised that I won for boringest?" and people made reassuring noises, but I really wasn't distressed about it at all.
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I was going to also see Trinidad but I woke up (having gone to bed at like 1:10am) at 12:19pm (the film was at 1:30pm, and it takes about an hour for me to get to the MFA).
LGBT Film Festival
Kiss the Moon (Chan di chummi)
3:30 — 4:50 pm
Saturday, May 9, 2009
Remis Auditorium

Kiss the Moon (Chan di chummi) by Khalid Gill (Pakistan/Germany, 2008, 80 min.). Kiss the Moon portrays the lives of Khusras, members of a close-knit subculture of transgendered women in Pakistan. Well aware of the complex and ancient cultural traditions of Pakistani society, the sizeable Khusras community struggles to maintain a harmonious relationship with society, but often at noticeable odds. Kiss the Moon demonstrates how it feels to live in a world where life is divided into a rigid binary of masculine and feminine, crossing gender boundaries to discover the true essence of being: the desire to love and be loved.
The woman who introduced the film said that these people in Pakistan probably wouldn't understand themselves to be "transgender" the way we understand it in the West but would understand themselves as "Third Gender," which carries with it connotations of mystical powers, though there is also the universal experience of alienation and not having good access to medical care and etc.

One of the older Khusras said that they used to be much more respected but now folks are very influenced by cable tv.

We watch one scene of some Khusras dancing to bless a baby boy, and I was unclear as to how much everyone wanted the Khusras to be there -- in part because I don't know the culture, so I don't know if some of what I was reading as hesitancy is just part of the social norm performance (like, when at the end the lead dancer gives the mom back the money, saying it's too little, but ultimately she does take it and says that the mom will have another baby boy next year and so she'll be back next year to dance for that boy).

In one segment, a number of them talked about Khusra community and how they are loved there better than they are by their birth families.  But later, one of the older Khusra (called a "mother") explains that each Khusra has a man, without a man life as a Khusra is very difficult.  The interviewer asked if this leads Khusras to go into prostitution, and the mother said yes but she disapproves and is glad that her girls aren't doing that.

Despite the intro-er's talk abut "Third Gender," my impression was that the Khusras truly think of themselves as women.  Some of them even said as much, including talk about having a "female soul."  Some of them talked about how they do all the female domestic work and their families like that, but when they go to become part of a Khusra community their families are all scandalized and don't want them to do that.

There was some talk about being castrated (Nibran Khusra), and one who had had it done said that she felt a feeling of purity, of being free(d) from sin.  Another talked about how much she wanted to have herself castrated but she thought surely there must be some purpose for something that God has attached to your body.

Most are given a new name when they become part of their Khusra community.  One said she never had an identity card made, said when an official asks for her identity card she just claps once and that indicates that she is Khusra.

There was also some uncomfortable race stuff underneath.
One Khusra wished she had been born white, because she thinks they're prettier.
One Khusra talked about wanting children and had a picture of two white, blond, little kids (one boy, one girl).
And in a segment talking about love, one has a photo from the Titanic movie (Leonardo DiCaprio kneeling and kissing Kate Winslet's gloved hand) up on her wall.
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Armenian Film Festival
The Mermaid (Rusalka) preceded by Ligne de Vie
8 — 9:40 pm
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Remis Auditorium

The Mermaid (Rusalka) by Anna Melikyan (Russia, 2008, 100 min). In this charming film, young Alisa takes a vow of silence to protest her mother's refusal to enroll her in ballet class. When her silence is mistaken for an intellectual disability, she is sent to a special-needs school in a rural town. With the help of another student, Alisa discovers she has the power to make wishes come true. When she turns 18 and moves to Moscow, she wonders if her extraordinary gift might also be a curse. Similar in style and tone to Amelie, Mermaid features digital deception to enhance fantastical elements. The original Russian title refers to the water spirit of Slavic myth, also referenced in Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. In Russian with English subtitles.

Preceded by Ligne de Vie by Serge Avedikian (France, 2003, 12 min.).
An animated film about the Holocaust.
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The film started about 15 minutes after it was scheduled to, so the guy I was sitting next to (whom I would put in his 50s) was chatting me up.  Afterward he asked, "Do you know somewhere to get a coffee?" and I said, "I really don't know this area," and he said, "I have my car..." and I thought, "Seriously?  I'm young enough to be your daughter -- and by a fair amount, too."  I just honestly said that I really didn't know where would be open (it was about 10:15) because everything in Boston closes so early.  Earlier, he had asked if I would be back to see more of the films tomorrow (this film was part of the 3-day Armenian Film Festival) and I'd said no I had church commitments all day; this information clearly didn't stick 'cause later he was saying, "I think I will be sitting in this same seat for the 3:00 film tomorrow," and acting as if he would see me tomorrow, and I just made noncommittal noises.

When we were leaving the building, a woman (about his age) recognized him and started chatting and asked if I was his daughter and he said yes and that's the point at which I actually got skeeved out.  (I have a long history of being hit on by random guys and my tolerance is really high.)  But as we were approaching Museum Road I said I really should get home and head toward the T, and he was just like, "Okay, I will see you tomorrow," which I was grateful for, since I was totally expecting him to offer to drive me home.

The busker at Park Street played "Walkin' in Memphis" and a song I didn't know (though the clutch of Sudbury high schoolers waiting on the platform with me did) and "Brown-Eyed Girl," which was nice -- though his voice was fairly quiet, so the songs didn't have quite the energy I would have liked ideally (yes, I'm spoiled -- I was introduced to "Walkin' in Memphis" via Smith a cappella).
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Friday night, Laurel wanted to watch a movie, so we went to Blockbuster.  (Sidebar: Amy!  I saw multiple copies of Zombie Strippers on a display rack!)  We considered Sleepy Hollow, but she wanted something light, so we got Waitress.  I hadn't seen it, and I ended up liking it less than I had hoped.  (Looking back through the LJ entries I Memoried back when the movie came out, I am reminded that arguably I should see Knocked Up.  I did see Juno, though I don't think I ever did a writeup on it.  Also: one of the promos at the beginning of the Waitress DVD was for Once, so while watching Waitress I was thinking about the conversations I had around Once about movies/tv being -- or not being -- "realistic," "how life is," etc.)  Read more... )


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