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The ASP season for next year came out last Wednesday. The Downfall of Despots )


Last night, we saw a broadcast of the RSC's Tempest -- finishing out Shakespeare's jubilee year (2016 was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death) with Shakespeare's last solo-authored play.

They had a teaser for ROME, and I thought it was just the next play they were doing, so I thought, "Julius Caesar? Or Antony and Cleopatra?"

No, it's the whole next season -- Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Titus Andronicus, Coriolanus. I'm excited. I mean, I'm meh on the first 2 plays, but the RSC has done such amazing productions recently that I'm at least interested to see what they do (if nothing else, we'll get to see them make great use of their visual resources -- they have an amazing stage, and amazing amounts of money, so their productions honestly feel worth watching for that alone), and to see how they comment on our current political moment.

In talking about next season, Gregory Doran (Artistic Director of the RSC) was like, "In this post-Brexit, post-Trump," and he just kinda looked at the ground in sadness as he was talking. (In talking about Lear -- unwise breaking up of the kingdom -- IIRC he said that the Brexit vote happened the first day of rehearsals for the show.)

For their ROME season they're bringing back the director of Othello (I forget for which play, but I'm real excited about that -- they evoked Abu Ghraib in that one, so I look forward to any politically-engaged play under that director) and have a woman director for one of the plays (again, I forget which one, but good on you RSC, and take note Hollywood).

And it feels so Shakespearean to use stories about Italy to talk about England :) (Now I'm curious to see a table of how many Shakespeare plays are set in Italy [or elsewhere] vs. set in England -- esp if we exclude the histories. A quick Google suggests that 1/3 of all Shakespeare's plays are set in Italy. Folgerpedia has a nice sortable table -- which also allows a quick at-a-glance that almost the only plays he sets in England are the histories; the only exception/s being The Merry Wives of Windsor in Shakespeare's modern-day, and King Lear and Cymbeline in mythic pre-Christian Britain.)

Oh, and the latter 2 plays in their ROME season are so great -- Titus being always a trip, and Coriolanus being a lesser-known play I've seen some really great productions of.
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Is the weather making the Internet punk out?  'Cause I'm a little sad that I'm so close to being done with putting all my recs into del.icio.us (785 thus far -- you thought I was kidding about 900?) and can't finish.  [Though the smell of rain on pavement makes me so happy.]  Of course, it's only title line and preliminary tagging.  Complete tagging will probably take exponentially longer.  I think I've spent ~16 hours on this.  (I literally haven't set foot outside today, though I am showered and dressed and have taken breaks for food and toilet.)  I said last night that it was better than drugs, and I wouldn't actually know since I'm enough of a control freak to have no desire to try mind-altering substances beyond stuff like over-the-counter painkillers (yeah. I know, alcohol, but that makes me tired and dizzy if I have a lot of it, so I really don't even have much of that), but I was struck by how much I just got into the groove of it and would just work on for long periods of time straight-through -- as opposed to how I've been unable to focus on any task recently, including plenty of stuff I legitimately wanna be working on (e.g. church writeups).

I guess it's probably just as well since I do actually have to get up tomorrow morning to go to work.  It has been suggested that I should just take the whole week off since the network is unlikely to actually be back as scheduled (though I just checked, and Intranet at least is back) but I do have work I can get done without the network, so since the network is scheduled to be back I would feel guilty (I do not have guilt about my two days off earlier this week, though).

MaryAlice is taking the week off, so I'll be spared excessive rantings about the Libby thing.  Trelawney's traveling, but if Sue's at small group tomorrow night I'm sure I'll hear about it.  I really should read up on it [as usual, my instinct is to be contrary and start with reading places like InstaPundit rather than the flist], though that won't happen if I don't have 'Net tomorrow.

In unrelated news, while intellectually I'm aware that anything I post here unlocked could feasibly be read by anyone with an Internet connection, I'm still jarred when worlds collide sometimes.  Someone I spoke with briefly on a Red Line e-mailed me Thomas Friedman's "The Whole World Is Watching" NYT Op-Ed (June 27, 2007).  I should of course be concerned in terms of my job, but it mostly gets me thinking about how someone would perceive me based solely on this space in contrast to how I perceive myself.  I find myself laughing a little when people call this a "blog," because to me that implies so much more actual thematic content of relevance, whereas my LJ is some amalgam of personal anecdotes, fannish reactions, and less thoughtful commentary than I would like.

(P.S. Ms. Lewis, thank you so much for your kind e-mail.  It really brightened my day, and I'll write back at more length when I have a chance.)


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