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Former-coworker-Michael's parting gift to me last August was a 2x3ft dry-erase board to live in front of my desk at work (to cover up the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" sign my coworkers had so kindly put up, which I was starting to get sass about having left up for over a month). Coworker-Holly had been changing the poll every week, but she left the end of May. Mallory changed it once after that but then left for a new job. Holly will be back the last week of June to train her replacement, but in the meantime I made a new poll question -- and was really bummed at how little I could actually fit on the board (I guess maybe I should have written smaller?)? [Wiki links included in this online poll for your educational convenience.]

Poll #18487 female superheroes
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 9

Now that we finally got a Wonder Woman movie, who should get the next female-led superhero movie?

Black Widow
4 (44.4%)

2 (22.2%)

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
2 (22.2%)

X-23 (Laura Kinney) the Wolverine clone
2 (22.2%)

Wasp (Janet van Dyne or Hope van Dyne)
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

1 (11.1%)

0 (0.0%)

1 (11.1%)

Ironheart (Riri Williams) the 15-year-old Black girl Iron Man
2 (22.2%)

ALL OF THEM (literally all of the women)
5 (55.6%)

Other - nominate your faves
1 (11.1%)

Captain Marvel (coming 2019)
1 (11.1%)

Kitty Pryde
2 (22.2%)

This afternoon, my boss stopped by and commented that he liked the poll and would have to think about it (I said he could pick more than one) and he didn't know who all of them were.

B: "I don't know who Spider-Gwen is."
me: "Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy gets spider superpowers in one iteration, and giving that we've gotten a ton of Spider-Man movies, I figured we should get a Spider Girl movie."
me: [does not say: "I shouldn't say Spider-Girl, because that's a different character -- who I also considered including. And maybe I should have included her instead because there are no Latina superheroines on this list..." (I was thinking of Anya Corazon, because [personal profile] musesfool, though Wiki informs me that apparently that's not the main Spider-Girl.) Okay, Logan-verse Laura is probably Mexican.]

B: "Is Ironheart a real thing, or did you make that up?"
me: "Really a real thing. Invented ... last year, I think? So very new. Initially it was just 'black girl Iron Man,' and they hadn't decided on a name for her, but then they decided on Ironheart."

B: "So Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are different?"
me: "Yes, Ms. Marvel is Pakistani-American and has a very popular comic book series running currently. Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, is getting a Marvel movie in a couple years."
me: [doesn't explain that Carol Danvers used to be Ms. Marvel and that there are other people, like Monica Rambeau, who have held the Captain Marvel title, and I seriously considered including Monica because Black woman superhero -- but there is only so much room on this board.]

B: "I picked Batgirl. I love Batman, and I think we need a Batwoman."
me: "Excellent."
me: [does not say: "There actually is a Batwoman, that's Kate Kane. I considered listing her, especially because she's a lesbian, but I would really be into an Oracle movie 'cause she's a brilliant superhero and also a wheelchair user, and having both Batgirl and Batwoman seemed excessively confusing for lay participants." And while I was writing this, I remembered that if we're doing Oracle, we maybe get Birds of Prey."]
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Way to make me feel so nervous about what you're going to ask me!

I was getting tea this morning, and one of the faculty members was getting coffee and said he'd noticed in my email signature that it says "please refer me to use the pronouns she and hers" and asked, "as opposed to what?"

In fairness, I felt way more nervous while actually answering the question than I did in the lead-up but still, I do not recommend, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way" as, well, as something to say probably ever really. (Certainly I've said things like, "This is going to sound meaner than I intended, but I can't think of a better phrasing," so I'm not saying you shouldn't acknowledge when you think something will be taken more negatively than you intend, but...)

I started with saying that people's genders aren't always clear from their names, that some people have gender-neutral names & warmed up to saying that not everyone uses binary pronouns and so sometimes people will volunteer that in their email signature, asking people to refer to them as "they" or "ze" or whatever and that it feels important to me to normalize that practice of volunteering one's pronouns rather than leaving it as something that's only done by people with unexpected pronouns -- "Does that make sense?" He said yes and seemed placated.

Hi, I'm your resident radical queer, I'll be here all forever.

(At coffee on Monday, some folks were talking about the Stanford prison experiment and whether it would replicate today and I literally chimed in with, "police brutality -- people are given power, in a system that dehumanizes certain people, and they abuse that power," and I had never felt so out-of-place far-left at work -- not that anyone pushed back, I don't even remember what got said next, but I just had this sense of total non-engagement.)
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Max: "She's in academia -- she has opinions on everything -- that's what we do."

[said in validation of the fact that Prof.B. was asking my opinion on something not necessarily within my area of expertise]
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Saturday was the Boston Pride Parade.  I am on the whole unimpressed by the photos I took, but they're up on facebook and flickr.

Sunday was my parents' 29th wedding anniversary.

Today was Greg's last day at the office.  We had the usual Finale -- and I was proud of myself for the fact that the Strawberry Bavarian was as perfect when we opened it at the office as it was when I picked it up at Finale (I walked back, carefully, because the last party -- when someone else had brought the cake -- it was kinda spilled). 

I overheard Kathleen talking about how her husband's now-deceased dog used to bite and their cat bites -- "We think it's us."
Greg: "Does [your daughter] bite?"
Kathleen: "No."
Greg: "Then it's not you."

Last night I got an email from MYP saying Hey, you opened up a subscription back in July 2008 and you've never been in to pick up your comics.  /o\  I never got an confirmation or notification or anything, so I just assumed the form got lost, and I never followed up (I moved that summer, and went to Italy, and comics have never been my preferred medium, and yeah).  Ironically, the reason I'd gotten a subscription was that I was reading titles Joss was writing, so nothing came out in a timely fashion, so my idea was that this way I wouldn't have to keep track of when new issues came out 'cause I'd get a notice.  Apparently not so much.

So now I have 33 new-to me comics (Buffy Season 8 and Astonishing X-Men) and wow do I wish they had numbers on the front -- way to make me wish I were just reading the TP's, guys :(  I'm also seriously considering not reading them --- because I have mostly-fond memories and if these suck I can't unread them.

I've seen a fruit smoothie stand at Harvard T a few times recently -- over by the busway, rather than its previous location (I imagine because its previous location now has that T office thing -- which I never see occupied at all) -- and after work today I splurged and bought one.  I told the vendor I was pleased to see them back, and he said the previous boss had closed the business two years ago but now there's a new boss, same product.  There's way less variety offered (there's a bunch of two-flavor combos -- e.g., strawberry-banana -- with either a milk or orange juice base, and that's it), but I didn't say that, nor did I ask if that would change as we got further into the season.  Yeah, I was reminded of just how socially outgoing I'm not.
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From the most recent [livejournal.com profile] news:
  1. For paid users, the tag limit has been increased from 1,200 to 2,000.

The girl who currently has 1,167 Tags is really excited about this.


Edit: And at like 4:23, Ben came by and inquired about upcoming birthdays, for the purposes of cake-ordering. I love where I work sometimes.
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gym: Oct. 19-23 )


gym: Oct. 26-30 )


Halloween weekend )



Ian: "It's 4:45 and it's dark out."
me: "Max just said the same thing to me five minutes ago -- "It's 4:40 and it's already dark out."  I said, "It's lighter out in the morning."  Max doesn't think it's a good tradeoff."
Ian: "Neither do I."
me: "I do.  Because I actually have to get up in the morning.  Unlike you all, who can come in late."
Jean: "I don't think you're converting them."
me: "Yeah, I know."
Jean: "I think you should keep trying, though.  Tell them their organizational lives depend on it."
me: "I don't officially work for Ian or Max, which gives me less leverage..."

Not gonna lie, I was surprised by how light it was when I got up this morning.  Not gonna lie, I was surprised by how dark it was when I left work this evening.
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Singing that to myself at work has been really good.  Besides the fact that having anything I can use quasi-meditatively as background throughout my day (and which shifts my focus in a positive way), I like the layers -- the plea for guidance, and with that, the reminder that we need guidance; and the reminder that what we are doing is not done in vain.  I think it's been really good for me.

I've been feeling somewhat indifferent to the snow for some days now, but walking around campus today doing errands (yay getting to go outside multiple times as the temps hovered around/below freezing, not bothering to put my hoodie on over my button-down shirt), it really is quite picturesque.

Around lunchtime, MikeS was saying something about Pirate's Booty (popcorn), and Laura asked for some and he said he'd eaten it all so there wasn't any for her.  He turned to me and said, "You can't have any either."  I said, "That's okay; I can get booty on my own time."

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-[livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl [more info]

Do not be afraid, I am with you
I have called you each by name
Come and follow Me
I will bring you home
I love you and you are mine
     -"You Are Mine" (David Haas)

Five good things about today:
1. Thursday's job candidate (yes, still/again).
2. I also approve of today's job candidate.
3. Geeking out with [livejournal.com profile] ladyvivien's friend (via email).
4. We have the best junior faculty ever :)  (Rich asked me if I was going to go bring back the leftover food from the seminar, said "Greg already brought back the cookies," and then noted, "Ian's bringing back trays.")
5. I has a bff whom I can tell all about the various goings-on in my day/life and all about the various beloveds I am concerned about, and she listens sympathetically -- and has all the backstory to understand the resonances.  (I also has a mommy I will see on Friday and Saturday.)

Three things I did well today:
1. I went to the gym )
2. Despite feeling like I'm still stuck in a rut of merely managing to be competent (as opposed to being a rockstar), I did have the proactive forethought to go over to the seminar room early to check on catering and tech (and I have Media Services' phone number memorized -- and the tec was this small young woman with almost spikey [short, kinda curly] hair).
3. I made a friend cry (so he said, anyway -- we were on the phone).  Yes, when I make generous offers I mean them seriously.  [Bonus: I figured out the logistics to make the follow-through on that accepted offer work.  Bonus2: From conversation with the bff, I generated an entertaining (to us) facebook status.]
4. I went to Sears and went clothes shopping and didn't die (I actually could have kept going a bit longer, but I really had to go to the bathroom plus I needed to get other things done with my night as well) and found some shirts for myself (the initial purpose was to find stuff for my grandma, but since I was there I browsed clothes for myself since I am perpetually wearing the same few items), and on the way home I picked up some groceries.

Two things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
1. Rest and Bread service.
2. The potluck party portion of tomorrow's class should actually be enjoyable.
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gym )

On CNN, Jason Wright (from PoliticalDerby.com) talked about Do's and Don'ts for picking a VP and said Don't pick someone just to get their state 'cause that doesn't always work and Don't pick someone with more starpower -- said that's not so much an issue for Obama . . . he'd have to pick Hannah Montana to have someone with more starpower than him.  Heh.

On SquawkBox, a former Shell bigwig [John Hofmeister, former Shell CEO] was talking about Arctic drilling and said other countries will drill if we don't, so we need to develop infrastructure to ensure that we do it and do it in an environmentally safe way [CNBC video].  He sounded genuinely concerned about doing it in an "environmentally safe way" and protecting the "marine mammals," which was interesting to me since earlier he had said that some environmental groups want to stop Arctic drilling "for their own narrow purposes."  The guy was a very calm speaker and sounded like he always knew exactly what he was talking about (watching live video conferences on CNN, I've gotten a sense for how often people fill their speech with "uh's" and etc.), but some of his sentences I thought, "I'm really not sure what that sentence is saying at all."  At least stuff like this I can follow -- as opposed to some of the stock market etc. stuff which is just way too much jargon and concepts I'm not familiar with.


I was debating a second breakfast (I had a light breakfast of cereal before I left the house) but by the time I was seriously considering it Spangler had closed (they break between breakfast and lunch for an hour or so).  However, folks brought in leftover sushi from last night's jr fac party and there was indeed some vegetarian sushi.  Score.

Later in the day, Katie changed the Description section of the Work Info on her facbook to say, in part, "i work at the edge of a bottomless money pit which provides a never-ending supply of sushi and chocolate cake. that's in the summer."

There was talk of going to the Square for lunch, but then it started to look threatening and then was in fact threatening.  (Greg had cacti on his windowsill and got attacked by them thanks to the wind.)


Rest and Bread ("Nation")

Psalm was Psalm 9:9-20
"Sacred Text" was Langston Hughes' "I, Too, Sing America."
In the Reflection, Laura Ruth talked about working with the deaf community in Athens, Georgia.  She talked about keeping in mind both the good and the bad things about this country.

Althea lives right near Seven Hills Park and basically invited me and Becca over for dinner (though I couldn't actually stay as I had an apartment to see).  I have new friends?  (I was touched when Althea introduced me to someone as her "friend" -- I mean, I know most people don't say things like, "my casual acquaintance of a few weeks," but still.)  I had thought she lived near Central Square, but I must have been conflating her with someone else because actually she lives right by Seven Hills Park.  Becca's moving to Worcester and mentioned a MetroWest bi women's network, and Althea has rainbow magnets on her fridge and mentioned something about an ex-girlfriend.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that I found a queer tribe at the UCC.


I was telling Katie that I kind of hoped the apartment I looked at tonight (Cate's friend Melissa's) would be like, "This is awesome, you're awesome," 'cause I was tired of looking at apartments.  And I was thinking later that I don't usually fall in love with things right off the bat -- both my current apartment and my current job I accepted initially feeling like, "Well, this is good enough," and now I'm big fans of them . . . so that's good to keep in mind as a balance for my pickiness.

Anyway, Melissa was very chill about my lateness in arriving (oh bus schedules -- and it turns out the 96 takes an indirect route, so I could actually have just walked up College Ave [it took me about 20 minutes to walk home (downhill) ] but I didn't realize any of that at the time) and I remembered her from Cate's green party, and she was so relieved to not have to explain about "alternative lifestyles" ('cause hi, I already knew Cate) and it seems like it would be a good fit.  It's not perfect, but nothing is.  I want to take a day to sit on it, but I 99% think I'll take it.
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I did weight room this morning and was distracted, so I wasn't being particularly intentional -- but I did do my usual machines, and I don't think I was particularly sloppy.  I've done something at the gym every workday morning since the day after Labor Day.  I'm impressed by me.  And fully intend to keep this up.

Man, I miss having reading comprehension.  I totally put a 3pm meeting on Prof.B's calendar for 4pm.  *fails*  (Thank God he was already in the office.)

I am so blessed.  Seeing various LJ folk struggling to pay for going back to college or just stay on their feet, having fucked-up families and/or mental illness of their own, and so on . . . I am so grateful for all that I have.

I keep bumping into A.S. (the prof I worked for my second temp gig at HBS) recently, and he's always happy to see me.
A.S. (showing up on my floor by accident): "I'm pathetic -- but you already knew that."
me: "You're wonderful."


via friendsfriends . . . [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge writes:
I found FreeRice.Com on del.icio.us the other day and it seems to be not only a simple and soothing exercise but completely legit -- for every word you get correct, one of the site's sponsors will donate ten grains of rice to those in need through the United Nations World Food Program.

While the definitions are not always 100% accurate and I can't seem to discover who is behind the site and thus have no way of verifying their claims, there is no registration, no request for money, and no pop-up advertising; the sponsors' logos simply appear at the bottom of the vocabulary box. It is one of the loveliest fusions of corporate culture, education, and social responsibility that I've ever encountered.

And hey -- even if there is no rice donation, you're still getting a vocabulary workout that can't possibly hurt. :)
Much like the SATs, I often just guessed, so when I got a guess right it wasn't like I actually learned the word.  I did retain alate [Level 45 -- mostly I was around level 40,41] = winged.  I knew "cataract"="waterfall" from The Blue Faience Hippopotamus.

I do wish they were phrased as "best synonym" rather than "means" -- "violin" doesn't mean "fiddle," for example.  (Yes, I told them so on their About/feedback page.)  Okay, I noticed later that when you first begin, the "How To Play" sidebar says "Click on the answer that best defines the word."  But still.
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I slipped and fell yesterday, so my right side is bruised, so I just did a flat course on the elliptical, figuring movement was good but definitely not pushing myself.  which shows in the time )


I had a decent day at work.  I'm still not being as productive and proactive as I should be, but it was definitely a decent day.  My mother would be pleased to know I cleaned off some of the accumulated junk papers on my work-desk :)

FUH?  Still still my favorite.

HBS-Mike asked me how to turn a Word doc into a PDF.  He said, "Another reason Smith is better than Amherst: They never taught us this at Amherst."

It is unfair that some days there's like nothing I wanna eat at Spangler and some days there are too many options.  I opted for butternut squash ravioli over samosas + rice + potato leek soup.

I love my gold sparkly sweater a lot.


I wasn't that taken with Plato's Republic, but then I read some of Aristotle's Politics.  I was reminded of the beginning of Skarda's Romantics class, wherein we started with Blake and I was unimpressed and then we read Wordsworth and I was like, "Blake!  My man!"  Okay, I don't loathe Aristotle like I do Wordsworth, but . . . .

Aristotle, so much more than Plato, does the "A follows from B: because I said so."  And I have far less of a clue as to why he is even discussing/defining/refining/whatever the things he is than I did with Plato.

And then I slept through most of class today.  Which didn't help.  Sigh.


I was pleasantly surprised by good tv tonight.
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Prof.D. got a tree on Friday [Bristlecone Pine], and it's this really efficient packaging: wired to a wooden base which fits flush against the inside of the box. Problem is, you thus need wire cutters to get it out. So it's been sitting in its box across from my desk. FormerUnitHead asked about it this morning, and I explained. Turns out he has a tool kit in his office. Story: back in the day, when they were in Cotting, there was no network, so they built their own. "IT was furious, but we wanted to be able to print."


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