May. 12th, 2017

hermionesviolin: an image of Buffy from the episode "Once More With Feeling," looking to the left away from the viewer, with flames in the background, with orange animated text "I want the FIRE back / so I will walk through the FIRE" (fire)
Okay, fine, I understand why this episode and not last week's for the finale. Oh, Riverdale, you are so Extra.

I checked out the Riverdale tag on Tumblr (TumblrSavior'ing "bughead" because ugh, aro/ace erasure [I know it's just the one series, but it's consistent with the whole canon, and the CW had such an opportunity here...]), mostly because after some [ profile] larkandkatydid posts, I wanted parallel image/gif sets to "Some say the world will end in fire,. Some say in ice." Spoilers: I did not find any. I did find some good speculation text posts -- and some people being wrong on the Internet (I did not engage).


hermionesviolin: an image of Alyson Hannigan (who plays Willow Rosenberg) with animated text "you think you know / what you are / what's to come / you haven't even / BEGUN" (Default)Elizabeth (the delinquent, ecumenical)

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