May. 6th, 2017

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After the Tonys last year (June 2016) they released tickets for I think Jan-May 2017. I picked a Saturday in February and couldn't get seats (the system also defaults you to buying 2 tickets) so I went down to just 1 ticket and picked a date near the end of the run and success! I had meant to book a Saturday matinee (so I could be back for church on Sunday), figuring I could take Friday off from work and hang out with some friends in NYC, but I accidentally booked a Saturday evening show -- so obviously a late-night return bus was the answer, because I am committed to being at church. When I found out Candidating Weekend was gonna be the weekend I was going to Hamilton, I was extra-committed to coming back for Sunday morning -- and when I learned there'd be a Leadership meet+greet on Friday night I was glad I had booked a Saturday night show so I could at least be there for that (though I'm excited about our candidate for new lead pastor, so it wasn't like I needed to meet the candidate this weekend in order to ensure I was okay with the Search Committee's selection). #churchnerd

So yeah, 11 months after buying my ticket I got to see the show on Broadway (second row from the back of the theatre). Not the original cast, obviously, but once they announced that they'd be recording the original cast so we'll all get to see it on video eventually, I wasn't too sad about that.

I have the OBCR pretty strongly in my head and was mouthing (and bopping) along to pretty much the entire first act. The lighting and choreography are so impressive, especially early on (possibly it's equally impressive throughout the show and I just acclimated) and even knowing various bits that aren't (visible) in the audio recording didn't make them less impactful/enjoyable.

Number of times I cried during the first act: 4. Number of times I cried during the second act: at least 2.


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